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We have been fortunate to photograph many Hindu weddings in the last few years.

We approach Hindu wedding photography with a fun and relaxed style, and aim to capture the essence of your day.

While we are happy to provide your wedding photography whatever your background may be, we often photograph young, professional Hindu couples looking for contemporary style photographs.

With Hindu weddings, Kim and Samir often start very early in the morning, Kim at the bride's house, Samir at the groom's.

Although strictly not necessary, using both a male and a female wedding photographer ensures that the full day is photographed with coverage of all the events at both homes and with both families!

Throughout your wedding day, our goal is to focus (bad pun, sorry) on the bride and groom, your emotions and families, your friends and guests, and the details of your ceremony and decorations, which will together form the story of your wedding day.

If you are planning a Hindu wedding, please consider us for all your wedding photography needs.

We have also had the opportunity to photograph several inter-faith weddings over the last few years - and we're expert in the difficult task of photographing couples with different skin tones!

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